Tool and Skill Sharing

Ever thought it a bit daft that we each have to own tools like drills, strimmers, sewing machines etc that we don't use very often? Surely it makes more sense to borrow them from each other when we need them? It saves money, is better for the environment and means we get to know the people in our street better. Hopefully it also makes street parties more likely?!

There are tool sharing and skill sharing websites like the Freeconomy site justfortheloveofit.organd, but since this is a relatively new idea, they don't have many people on them and are yet to reach enough of a critical mass to make them useful.

So I'm doing an experiment, I don't know if its been done before or not? I'm setting up an email list for my street so that people who live there can use the list to borrow/lend tools and other resources to each other. It may be that when this is thriving, we then move the list onto the Freeconomy site or somewhere like that to help build the critical mass for them to become really useful. 

So, if you live in Tor View Avenue and want to be on a Tool Share email list then email me by responding to this message with your name, house number and I'll add you to it. Or if you don't live in Tor View Avenue and want to start such a list in your street or your area, then email me and I can send you what I've done so far with it to help you set one up. 

Let's try it out and see if it works?! 

Best wishes, Nick Osborne