Recycle for all its Worth Campaign

I am writing from Somerset Waste Partnership to ask for your help.
As you know, we manage recycling and waste services on behalf of all local authorities in Somerset, and we are aware that you are active on issues of environment and sustainability.
Inspired by the success of hard working Somerset householders in achieving a 50% recycling rate, we are determined to do more.
A small effort in recycling could bring a big result, saving millions of pounds that would otherwise go into paying for our rubbish to be put in landfill.
So we are launching a new campaign, Recycle For All It’s Worth, to help residents boost recycling, conserve resources and save money.
We will be sending out information and advice that everyone should find useful to waste less, recycle more, and shrink their carbon footprint.
But to get this vital message out as widely as possible, your support is essential.
Could you help with any of the following?
1 Get the news about Recycle For All It’s Worth up on parish noticeboards, in village halls, displayed in local shops and Post Offices, or included in community newsletters and websites.
A great start would be to print out and put up the attached newsletter on any local noticeboard. (If you would like copies posted to you, get in touch.)
Or forward us the details (especially the email address) of newsletter and website editors, hall committees, shop and Post Office managers, or anyone else with space for the attached A4 sheet.
2 Let us know about groups and organisations – green, kids, WI, third age, charities, companies and more – in your community that we could contact (especially if you have their email address) to see if they want to support Recycle For All It’s Worth.
3 To promote Recycle For All It’s Worth, we are recruiting volunteer Recycling Champions. Do you know someone who is a keen recycler and good communicator (are you one yourself)? If so, do send us their details (email preferred) or urge them to contact us.
Any help you can offer will be appreciated and make a difference. If you don’t want this information, if someone else in your organisation should receive it, or you prefer it in another format – click reply and let me know.
Please get in touch soon, let us know where you have put up the Recycle For All It’s Worth newsletter, and tell us about the work you are already doing on recycling and rubbish.
Nick Cater
Senior Communications Officer
Somerset Waste Partnership
PS: For the latest on Recycle For All It’s Worth, you can check out our @SomersetWaste Twitter feed or,
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