Litter Pick - Thankyou

A big thanks to those of you who came out to help clear up some of the litter that is increasingly accumulating in our community - particularly the car parks and around Cocklemoor. We picked up lots of polystyrene containers and plastic bags which clog up the bushes, rhynes and get into the food chain when they eventually break down into teeny tiny plastic pieces.

We hope to work with the local businesses to yet again try and stop the pointless waste of plastic bags as well as hope to pursuade the fast food outlets to stop using polystyrene and change to cardboard like Tony and his Fish and Chip shop in Somerton. We will also be bringing back and extending the borrow a cloth bag look out for that soon.

Contact us if you are able to help engage with the shops and businesses to educate and persuade them to give up the unnecessary plastic bag and food tray addiction.