College Bike Loan Scheme

Do you know a 16-19 year old who would you like a cheap bike to get to college/sixth form next year?
Somerset County Council is currently offering low-cost bicycles to students for the coming academic year. They can borrow a brand new 2012 Saracen Tufftrax mountain bike (worth £270) for just £40 for the year. At the same time, they pay a deposit of £75 and at the end of the year decide if they want to return the bike and get their £75 back, or keep the bike (in which case the council keep their £75). It’s a great deal because they can get a bike at less than half the retail value, it is delivered to them at college/sixth form so it’s very convenient and they get free servicing during the year. Cycling is a particularly good option for students living between 1 and 5 miles from college/sixth form because it’s quick, cheap, sustainable and very flexible because they are not tied to particular times to get a lift or catch a bus.

The closing date for applications is 23rd August to have the bike delivered in September.

Go to for more information and to apply.